Inspirational photography…inspired by you


Special moments in our lives make memories. But memory fades. 

Capturing and preserving our most precious memories in the most creative and evocative way takes exceptional skill, dedication to detail and a passion for perfection.

These are the special qualities that make photographer Sebastian Christopher your natural choice for imaginative images of those special scenes, unforgettable events and magical moments.

I create pictures that will have an immediate impact – but will endure for ever. For me, photography is not so much a business…it’s personal. 

You’re not just commissioning a skilful cameraman – you’re engaging me – my experience, my creativity, my inventiveness, my originality, my passion.

Sign up for a portrait, a publicity shot or a commercial commission, a family photo session, and I can come to your address* or we meet in my studio.

I will find out about you, your backstory and what you want from the assignment. The finished product will reflect your personality and your soul. 

When I press the shutter, I’ll be looking through my lens – but with your eyes.

I will use your personal items as the landscape to craft a scene that’s specific and individual. 

I will create a set of images of you and those you love that are as unique as your own fingerprint.

You will want to forever cherish a special set of photographs that reflect the very essence of your DNA.  

Inspirational photography.


Inspired by you.


About Sebastian Christopher


  • It feels like I was born with a camera in my hand!
  • I was actually 10 years old when my Dad gave me my first camera – a Zenit analogue – to take with me on a school trip.
  • So began my life-long and ongoing adventure with photography.
  • From a very early age, I have been interested in people and what makes them tick.
  • I am fascinated by architecture, philosophy, psychology, sociology etc. 
  • As a young child, I enjoyed drawing, sketching and painting, as well as photography.
  • At the age of seven, I won a competition to illustrate my home through my eyes.
  • I am an original thinker – creative, productive, constructive, imaginative, ambitious, aspirational and optimistic, with a sunny, cheerful disposition.
  • I enjoy most types of music, including jazz, punk jazz, blues, opera, classical and rock.
  • My multi-faceted personality is reflected in my logo – a face of many colours.
  • I really enjoy contact with people. Family and family relationships are especially important to me.